An Infrared Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Grace Hopper, a pioneering computer scientist and Navy rear admiral once said, “One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions,” which extended W. Edward Deming’s “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” But rather than relying on accurate measurements, as Thomas Sowell put it in Discrimination and Disparities, public policy is often…


The Incredible Shrinking Merrick Garland

The Incredible Shrinking Merrick Garland Authored by Jonathan Turley, Below is my column in USA Today on the diminishing role of Attorney General Merrick Garland at the Justice Department after a series of controversies. As a well-known moderate, many of us had hoped that Garland could be a unifying presence at the Department; assuring a divided nation…


Is A Chinese Devaluation Imminent?

Is A Chinese Devaluation Imminent? Authored by Steven Vannelli via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog, Over the weekend, we got a slew of data showing a generally weak economy. Below are the actual data compared with the expectations from Bloomberg. Of course, the headline grabber was the -31.4% drop in residential property sales, but across the…


Home Sweet 30-Year Mortgage

Home Sweet 30-Year Mortgage by David Reavill For most of us, purchasing our home is the largest single financial transaction we will ever make. It is also a tremendous obligation. As we sign that mortgage loan for the purchase, we often commit to completing 360 consecutive monthly payments—a thirty-year contract to pay both amortized principal…


Liz Cheney got exactly what she deserved

Liz Cheney got exactly what she deserved The neocons once used the popularity of Bush to banish any conservatives who defied them. Liz Cheney was just banished from Congress through the same kind of neocon tactics she long used against Ron & Rand Paul, Thomas Massie and other antiwar Republicans — Jack Hunter (@jackhunter74)…


Here’s your hero

Here’s your hero Here’s your hero — Abdallah Fayyad (@abdallah_fayyad) August 17, 2022 The post Here’s your hero appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Is Joe Biden Facilitating America’s Demise?

After 8 years of arming and training Ukraine’s army and air force, spending billions of tax payer dollars, the United States no longer has a viable strategy to defeat the Russian forces and compel Vladimir Putin to accept a humiliating defeat. Yes, the U.S. and NATO are pouring a large amount of HIMARS, Army Tactical…