AR-15 Most Popular Hunting Rifle In America

AR-15 Most Popular Hunting Rifle In America In a survey commissioned by Winchester, 75% of centerfire rifle shooters used an MSR or “Modern Sporting Rifle.” MSR is a term commonly used to refer to the AR-15 family of rifles. Winchester found that 60% of those who hunt use a centerfire rifle, specifically an MSR. 40% of all hunters…


The Tyranny Of Coronaphobia

The Tyranny Of Coronaphobia Authored by Ramesh Thakur via The Browstone Institute, I’ve had two big worries during the pandemic, starting from the very beginning and still ongoing. Both relate to my sense that ‘coronaphobia’ has taken over as the basis of government policy in so many countries, with a complete loss of perspective that…


Manchin Faces Backlash From Deal With Schumer

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin announced he would support Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer’s new spending bill. The bill would raise taxes on Americans to pay for the increases in spending. The deal would crush the energy sector in West Virginia. The Gateway Pundit reported: Senator Joe Manchin surprised Washington DC elites and the mainstream chattering…


Ben Franklin on liberty vs. security

Ben Franklin on liberty vs. security “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin — Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) August 5, 2022 The post Ben Franklin on liberty vs. security appeared first on Liberty Tree.


An Economic Pattern Anyone Can Grasp

This is a companion piece to my article running right now at substack. I suggest you read both. Here we go: You take a rundown city neighborhood; high crime rate, poverty, buildings boarded up, rats, roaches, broken streetlights; and you buy up the whole area at a bargain basement price. You tear down everything and you put…