Is Donald Trump Legally Doomed?

How much legal trouble is former President Donald Trump in? That is often a difficult question to answer. Even for a dedicated news consumer, it can be hard to keep straight exactly who is suing Trump (or one of his accomplices) and on what charges. There are just so many suits and/or investigations involving Trump.…


Donald Trump Jr.: Could He Run For President?

There is something universally grating about a rich kid, having done nothing other than be born to affluent parents, basking in the benefits of his or her station. And when that rich kid, who has enjoyed every possible advantage and every expense subsidized adopts fiscally conservative policies, expecting people to just “bootstrap” it into the…


Government is not your friend

Government is not your friend The state is not your friend.#Celebrity #Watch — Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) September 22, 2022 The post Government is not your friend appeared first on Liberty Tree.


More Fever Swamp

“Welcome to the fever swamp” Steve Bannon, in response to my briefing him on recent attacks describing me as controlled opposition. ad hominem Related to Ad hominum: Argumentum ad hominem ad hom·i·nem (hŏm′ə-nĕm′, -nəm) adj.1. Attacking a person’s character or motivations rather than a position or argument: The candidates agreed to focus on the issues rather than making ad…


The left continues to politicize the FBI

The left continues to politicize the FBI The New York Post reports: “Bombshell allegations by FBI Special Agent Steve Friend contained in a whistleblower complaint filed late Wednesday with the Department of Justice inspector general reveal a politicized Washington, DC, FBI field office cooking the books to exaggerate the threat of domestic terrorism, and ­using…