BIDEN ECONOMY: And Now the Housing Market Tanks

(Above – after years of working in the government Joe Biden enjoys one of his homes above.) The Biden economy is in full swing and after destroying the stock markets, the bond markets, and people’s paychecks due to inflation, the housing market is now in the tank too. It’s the perfect storm as the markets…


Banning flavored cigars is extreme FDA overreach

Banning flavored cigars is extreme FDA overreach “FDA justifies this drastic step on distorted scientific evidence, with a total disregard for its economic impact, and most importantly, in complete violation of the congressionally mandated guidance for rulemaking in this area.” #ampFW — FreedomWorks (@FreedomWorks) September 27, 2022 The post Banning flavored cigars is extreme…


This Is the Way the World Ends

Feel like we’re on the ragged edge of something new and awful? You are not alone…. That “singularity” so many blab about is not what they think it is: the merging of human intelligence with Bill Gates’s Office products, leading to an orgasmic nirvana of infinite memoranda from your HR department concerning new diversity, inclusion,…


Why the government should never run the economy

Why the government should never run the economy The government denies basic economic reality. Maybe it’s a bad idea to let them run the economy. Preach @HannahDCox — FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) (@feeonline) September 27, 2022 The post Why the government should never run the economy appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Study: COVID Vaccines Detected in 45% Of Breast Milk

Trace amounts of Moderna and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines were detected in new mothers’ breast milk, according to a study conducted by researchers at New York University. The report – “ Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Human Breast Milk ” – was uploaded to JAMA Network Open, which is a project of the American…


Will Italy’s Election Foreshadow US Midterms?

Sunday was an historic election day for Italy. A conservative alliance with a populist flair absolutely trounced the technocrats who had been running the country into the ground for the past several years. The previous prime minister, former Goldman Sachs banker Mario Draghi, implemented one of the most restrictive – and inhuman – Covid shutdowns,…