Bankrupt nations are hard to defend

Bankrupt nations are hard to defend Bankrupt nations are hard to defend. Don’t bankrupt America! — Congressman Warren Davidson (@WarrenDavidson) October 7, 2022 The post Bankrupt nations are hard to defend appeared first on Liberty Tree.


The Temptations of the Intellectual

I’m not the first to have said that there are some ideas so stupid only an intellectual can believe them. I can think of three reasons why. The first, the most fundamental, is the intellectual’s propensity to mistake words for things. Sometime in the next few days, I will be climbing over rocks in a field…


Mitch McConnell Sinks to a Despicable New Low

Sen. Mitch McConnell is paying for ads his political group puts out to assassinate the character of Alaska Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. They are nasty. Conservatives in Alaska don’t want Lisa Murkowski, but McConnell doesn’t care. The Alaska Republican Party removed Murkowski from the party. She’s at 50% because Democrats are voting for her in the…


Gender Dysphoria Diagnoses for Children Soared 70% In 2021

The rate of children on puberty blockers more than doubled from 2017 to 2021 to just over 5,000.( Photo: Getty Images) Childhood gender dysphoria diagnoses soared 70% from 2020 to 2021, according to medical records of 330 million Americans analyzed by Komodo Health Inc, Reuters reported Thursday. The findings reveal a massive uptick in gender…


Who Is Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell is supporting Lisa Murkowski, a Uniparty Republican. Murkowski can’t be relied upon to vote as a Republican and certainly not as an America First Republican. She is one of the RINOs who is pushing the party left. She also promoted choice voting, which makes it hard for Republicans to win in Alaska. In…


South Africa May Soon Take Land Without Compensation

South Africa May Soon Take Land Without Compensation Authored by Nathan Worcester via The Epoch Times, South Africa’s National Assembly passed a bill on Sept. 28 that would allow the government to seize land without paying the owners, a practice known as ‘expropriation without compensation.’ “This thing is emotional. We cannot deny it,” said South African farmer…


Understanding The Caucasus Region

Understanding The Caucasus Region The Caucasus Region has been engulfed in a territorial dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region for decades now. Although flare-ups in the conflict have been recent, the root of the violence harkens back to the 1980s. But, as Visual Capitalist’s Avery Koop And Nick Routely explain below, this map…