Every time

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Going to Nuclear War with Joe

Ukraine President Zelensky will not discuss peace with Russian President Putin. He now wants a tough price cap on Russian oil and gas exports. A price cap will mean no delivery of oil or gas to Europe. It would devastate consumers and businesses in Europe and the US. According to Bloomberg, benchmark oil prices could…


Hollywood Legend Dame Angela Lansbury Dies at 96

London-born actress Dame Angela Lansbury has died in her sleep at her home in LA at age 96.  The veteran actress spent eighty prolific years on stage, screen and television.  The actress was widely known for her television role as Jessica Fletcher, the quirky indomitable mystery novelist on the CBS show Murder She Wrote, a…


What If The Truth Never Comes Out?

What If The Truth Never Comes Out? Authored by Julie Ponese via The Epoch Times, This is the question that seems to be on the minds of many these days. The attempt to reach “zero-COVID” was a colossal failure. Original claims of mRNA vaccine efficacy have reportedly been shown to be based on falsified data. Excess mortality…


My Appearance on the Alan Nathan Show — 10/3/22

By Selwyn Duke My appearance begins at 29:31. I was on with guest host Karen Kataline, and we discussed whether or not the midterm polls are underestimating Republican support.  To skip to my segment, simply place your cursor on the sound bar below, keep your mouse’s left button depressed, and drag the “orange” progress indicator…