Loomer Exposes DeSantis-Haley Ticket

Last Updated on October 3, 2023 Loomer exposed that the American Opportunity Alliance, a group of warmongering globalists, will pitch the idea of a DeSantis-Haley ticket. The writing for this is on the wall. In recent days, Trump has branded Haley “birdbrain.” Also, DeSantis and Haley both share a passion for supporting forever wars. In


Biden Has Finally Lost It

It’s time for America to have a real discussion on Joe Biden’s mental state and it’s possible impact on peace and war for our country. It isn’t ageist to say that.  The post Biden Has Finally Lost It appeared first on 19FortyFive.


Gadsden Flag Student Now a Celebrity

Jaiden Rodriguez’ saga is far from over, though, as the school continues to prohibit his patch showing a firearm, and will only allow his Gadsden flag patch as long as no one objects to it. … The post Gadsden Flag Student Now a Celebrity appeared first on The New American.


Blue Collars vs. Ivy Leaguers

I started out my adult life as a long-haired, hard partying blue collar guy. I pulled thousand pound carts of linen around for several years. It was a great daily workout, and kept me in shape. And I was paid for it. It didn’t take long for me to be the last White Man standing,