Sweden Is Forcing ESG Into Pension Funds

After an embezzlement scandal, Woke Sweden is trying to reorganize its embattled 1 trillion kronor ($90 billion) pension system. However, the office overseeing the process won’t accept applications from asset managers that don’t incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) into their pension strategies. ESG is the WEF (World Economic Forum) plan to overturn capitalism and


Biden’s Graveyard

The stories about the secure border are – as everyone should know by now – false. What people also ignore is the tragedy of bodies growing by the day. These are the people Joe Biden invited into the nation illegally and all who support him. Officials at Eagle Pass have a refrigerator handy for the


Pulse Checking Healthcare Choice

Only the tiny island nation of Tuvalu outpaces Americans in citizens’ “choice” to spend on healthcare (as a share of GDP). Most Americans who seek health services, however, would rail against our use of the term “choice.” Despite most adults’ expressing approval of their own physician, many are reluctant to see a doctor due to