A Haunting Anniversary

Three years ago this week, our vibrant, noisy country went silent. Or, I should say, it was silenced. Businesses didn’t shutter due to a sudden economic crash—although one quickly followed—and highways weren’t empty due to a global fuel shortage. Schools didn’t close because of a nationwide teacher’s strike; parents and children didn’t hunker down in


Trump’s Prosecution in Manhattan Tied to Soros

As the Sentinel noted yesterday, President Donald Trump pointed out that District Attorney Alvin Bragg initiated Trump’s potential Manhattan indictment. George Soros indirectly funded Alvin Bragg. Alvin Bragg won in November 2021 with funding from George Soros. Soros gave $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, which spent it to elect Bragg. Communist Van Jones founded


The Ominous Migration

The people coming into our country should terrify Americans. Almost all are coming from communist and other totalitarian nations.  Not all are coming to escape the ideology, and some bring their learned leftist values unwittingly. Agents have been caught. Some are let out of prisons and mental asylums. Dictator Vincent Maduro of Venezuela has aided this invasion