How Arrogance Threatens Freedom

In his 1962 book Capitalism and Freedom, Milton Friedman asserted, “Humility is the distinguishing virtue of the believer in freedom; arrogance, of the paternalist.”  Today, there are many more arrogant paternalists who don’t always wear the progressive or socialist label. They create little and demand much from those who add value to the lives of


A Sick (Pay) Policy that Redefines Work

Should drivers for app-based delivery services such as DoorDash and UberEats receive sick pay? Will such a policy raise prices and decrease demand? And, perhaps less obviously but more importantly, does mandating sick pay for such individuals change the way we define work and economic exchange?  Thanks to the Seattle City Council, we may soon


Biden Green-lights Training Ukrainian Pilots in the West

On May 19, President Joe Biden told Group of Seven (G7) leaders during the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, that Washington approves of European allies training Ukrainian pilots to use fourth-generation U.S. fighter jets such as the F-16. With the Democrat American leader’s authorization, the “fighter jet coalition” of European countries such as the U.K.,


Is Collectivism Inevitable?

“Whichever party gains the day, tyrants or demagogues are most sure to take the offices.” The quote above may cause the reader to nod his head, as throughout much of the world today, we are witnessing a distinct lack of choice in “democratic” elections – a “damned if you do; damned if you don’t” choice


Is This Why Pediatricians Push “Vaccines”?

In April 2023, I reported how primary care providers across the U.S. were bribed with incentive programs to coerce patients into getting the toxic COVID shot. Since there was no medical malpractice liability, doctors profited while patients risked their lives as participants in an unprecedented medical experiment, all while being lied to about the safety and