64% Of Americans Don’t Work-Out At All

64% Of Americans Don’t Work-Out At All How do Americans work out? While hitting the gym is something that around a third of those who practice sports do at least occasionally, Statista’s Katharina Buchholz notes below that the Great Outdoors is also a major pull for people looking for some (light) physical exercise. According to a survey by Statista Consumer


Chinese Developers Resorting To “Negative Down Payment” Practices

Chinese Developers Resorting To “Negative Down Payment” Practices In its attempt to reboot China’s real estate property market bubble, which burst spectacularly in late 2021 when most housing developers blew up in the aftermath of Evergrande’s historic bankruptcy amid Beijing’s ill-fated deleveraging push, and which according to Goldman calculations is the world’s largest real estate


Biden Laughs Off Trump Pardon (VIDEO)

Joe Biden laughed off a Trump pardon on Monday as he was about to board Marine One en route to New Castle, Delaware. Biden stopped to chat with reporters on the South Lawn as he was about to depart for Delaware following Memorial Day remarks at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Joe Biden was a


Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham

Russia issued an arrest warrant for Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina Monday, following comments he made about the war in Ukraine. The warrant was issued by Russia’s Interior Ministry on Monday, with an additional announcement that a criminal investigation had been opened into Graham, according to Politico. It comes after Graham’s recent trip


America’s military deserves better than Biden

Memorial Day is dedicated to recognizing the ultimate sacrifices of our military men and women, sacrifices for which every American ought to be eternally grateful. These past few years, however, Memorial Day has left service members and their families with a very different sentiment, thanks to Joe Biden, whose presidency has dishonored our military. Among


Russia Issues “Arrest Warrant” For Senator Lindsey Graham

Just 48 hours after Senator Lindsey Graham took a trip to Kyiv to visit Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia’s Interior Ministry issued an arrest warrant for Graham. The arrest warrant comes after a viral video of Graham saying “The Russians are dying” and it’s the “best money we’ve ever spent” took over Twitter. Dmitry Peskov,