Senate Passes Biden-McCarthy Debt Ceiling Bill 63-36

Credit: CSPAN The Senate on Thursday night approved the debt ceiling bill “negotiated” by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden. The vote tally was 63-36. NEWS: 63-36, Senate gives final approval of a bill to suspend the debt limit until January 2025, ending a tense several weeks in Washington and a bitter partisan standoff that


Nightmare On ERM-Street?

Nightmare On ERM-Street? By Bas van Geffen, Senior Macro Strategist at Rabobank Reports focusing on financial stability often make for some grim reading. Then again, I guess that these reports don’t do their job if the authors conclude that everything is humming along just fine. The ECB’s bi-annual Financial Stability Review is no different. Yesterday’s


James O’Keefe Sued By Project Veritas

James O’Keefe Sued By Project Veritas Project Veritas, known for its undercover investigations and whistleblower disclosures, is suing its founder James O’Keefe months after he was ousted from the organization. In a Wednesday filing against O’Keefe in the southern district of New York’s federal court, Veritas claims the board begcame aware of “serious allegations by


Twitter Withdraws From EU’s Anti-disinformation Code

On May 26, European Union (EU) Commissioner Thierry Breton announced that Twitter has backed out of the EU’s voluntary Code of Practice on Disinformation. The code stipulates that online platforms such as Google, TikTok, Microsoft, as well as Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta, agree to participate in “anti-disinformation” efforts. Breton then elaborated that Twitter’s


A Question of Intelligence

Were it not for my age, I’d be worried, but at this stage of the game I couldn’t give a flying you-know-what. Mind you, I have two children—a daughter and a son—both in their early 30s, and four grandchildren—two boys and two girls—some still in diapers, and that does keep me up at night. And