Man In UK Arrested Over Offensive Shirt

A soccer fan in the UK was arrested at the FA Cup Final at Webley Stadium for wearing an offensive shirt that had the number 97 with the words “not enough.” The shirt was in reference to the 97 people who died during the Hillsborough Disaster. The Hillsborough Disaster occurred in 1989 and was the


Who Can You Trust?

Who Can You Trust? Authored by James Howard Kunstler via, “I’m sick and tired of hearing Democrats whining about Joe Biden’s age. The man knows how to govern. Just shut up and vote to save Democracy.” – Rob Reiner, Hollywood savant Perhaps you’re aware that the World Health Organization (WHO) is cooking up a


Chuck Todd Out at ‘Meet the Press’

On Sunday, leftist propagandist Chuck Todd told viewers he will be leaving “Meet the Press” after almost a decade. Todd said, “I’ve watched too many friends and family let work consume them before it was too late I  promised my family I wouldn’t do that.” Todd will be replaced by Kristen Welker. AP reports: Todd