Ron DeSantis Won The Second GOP Debate

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has been consistently the most likely alternative to former President Donald J. Trump in the race to become the next Republican Party presidential candidate. Yet, at every turn, Trump and the other candidates have done their level-best to ignore or downplay DeSantis—proving yet again that DeSantis is the underdog candidate.  The


Gavin Newsom Looks Like Joe Biden’s Heir

California Gov. Gavin Newsom might have recently said he has no interest in challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination; however, he has risen in prominence nationally in recent months. Many are saying he could either become a substitute for Biden should he reconsider his decision to seek a second term or a major


Operation Mockingbird: Yes, it’s a real thing

Anderson Cooper is the quintessential elitist propaganda pusher posing as a journalist, which is why he had nothing to say when confronted with the truth recently about a long-standing CIA program. The video clip below tells you everything you need to know about Cooper and his colleagues in the mainstream corporate media. While they may


The Information War

The United Nations is also deeply engaged in fighting the “‘infodemic’ of misinformation,”11 and has enlisted a cadre of “rapid response” fact checkers to counter undesirable views, wherever they appear. The UN his also partnered with private businesses, telecommunications companies, civil society groups, media and individual journalists to combat misinformation. The UN secretary-general António Guterres’ has