What’s Behind the UAW Strike

In one of the most striking repudiations yet of the Biden administration’s irrational business, economic, and energy policies, the United Auto Workers has announced a major walkout, targeting for the first time ever all three of the “Big 3” American automakers at the same time. … The post What’s Behind the UAW Strike appeared first


Military Industrial Complex Unraveled & Exposed

CVC Capital Partners is a private equity investment advisory firm in Luxembourg holding over $155 billion in assets.   CVC was a spinoff of Citicorp in 1990 and is considered the largest private equity firm in Europe.   In 2019, CVC Capital bought a majority stake in Teneo. Teneo is a ‘global advisory firm’ with extensive ties


20 Great Depression Era Foods We Will Need Soon

Editor’s Commentary: We often pass on videos and articles by Epic Economist for various reasons. Sometimes, they’re spot on with their analysis. Other times they’re a bit too “click-baity” with not enough useful information to justify publishing their often-outrageous headlines. I came very close to passing on today’s video/article because it delves into fearmongering. While


UN Issues a New Pandemic Policy Declaration

On September 20th, our representatives meeting at the United Nations (UN) will sign off on a “Political Declaration of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response.” According to the UN, any States not responding will be considered in agreement with this text. It’s a new policy for managing populations