Too Many FBI Informants on J6 to Count 

There was a fiery exchange between Republican Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland about how many FBI informants were on the ground at the Capitol on January 6. Garland pleaded ignorance, and according to an interview with the former head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, there were so many


Cartel Employee of the Month

According to a new study, Mexican cartels are Mexico’s fifth-largest employer. You needn’t wonder how they are getting so rich. Just look at the border, our increased trafficking, and the drug trade in this country. Researchers created a mathematical model using homicide, missing persons, and incarceration data to track cartel recruitment. Their study, published Thursday


Globalism Is The Real Pandemic

Globalism Is The Real Pandemic Authored by Martin Enlund via Under Orion blog, TL;DR: Contrary to their stated goals, centralized solutions and globalism are poised to increase disaster risk, undermine knowledge production, impede economic growth, and hinder scientific progress. They should also be rejected on ethical grounds. The drawbacks of extensive centralization (globalism) have been