Watch: Ramaswamy Gives ‘LGBTQ+ Reporter’ A Reality Check

Watch: Ramaswamy Gives ‘LGBTQ+ Reporter’ A Reality Check Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, When a ‘LGBTQ+’ reporter confronted Vivek Ramaswamy, demanding to know his views on the “LGBTQ+ community,” the Republican presidential candidate provided a stark reality check. Ramaswamy told the person that he doesn’t “think it’s one community,” explaining that as far as


Burning The Last Man

Joe Biden doesn’t care about Hawaii. Why should he? A man who doesn’t know what day it is can hardly be bothered to wipe the drool off his chin from the blue polyester beach chairs of Delaware’s most exquisite resorts. He need not concern himself with a thousand charred Americans. It’s not historically unusual for