Media Lies About ‘Bidenomics’

Media Lies About ‘Bidenomics’ Authored by Steve Cortes via American Greatness, Corporate Media really REALLY wants you to pretend that the Biden economy is just great. Of course, the legacy media complex serves as a public relations arm of the Biden White House specifically, and the Ruling Class generally. But this new propaganda campaign on


The European Energy Crisis May Be Back Soon

The European Energy Crisis May Be Back Soon Authored by Daniel Lacalle, European natural gas prices soared almost 40 percent on the risk of a global liquefied natural gas shortage. European wholesale power prices remain below the record highs of the energy crisis but have steadily climbed as the volatility in the international commodity spectrum underscores


Rising Support for an America First Agenda

For 31 months President Joe Biden has worked tirelessly to destroy the “America First” achievements of his predecessor. Unfortunately, Biden has largely succeeded in reversing the popular agenda enacted by President Donald Trump. While Trump had achieved enhanced security at the southern border, Biden immediately reversed those programs upon taking office. He stopped construction of