Rent a Womb – Ukraine

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Austin School District Shuttles Students to Pride Parade

In a display of extreme irresponsibility, Austin Independent School District offered free shuttle service to the annual Austin Pride event on Saturday. NewsBusters reported: “Tomorrow, the city of Austin, Texas will host its annual Austin Pride event. This year, Austin Independent School District offered a free shuttle service to students, staff and their families and


CNN Lectures People On The Use of Neopronouns

As if we don’t have enough problems to be concerned about in our lives. A failing economy, a corrupt Federal government. Not to mention the lawlessness in our cities with stores being mass looted and people being attacked. Let’s put that aside because CNN wants to lecture humanity on the use of proper pronouns as


What Really Happened On January 6

What Really Happened On January 6 Authored by Douglas Schwartz via, Much of the January 6, 2021 mythology is wrong, on the right and left.   The J6 relevance continues, as the basis for Trump’s impeachment and indictment.   Tucker Carlson’s unaired interview with Steven Sund, Capitol Police chief on J6, is probative.  Carlson intended to air the interview