The Dangerous Myth Of Soft Landing

The Dangerous Myth Of Soft Landing Authored by Daniel Lacalle, If we search the news from 2007, we can find plenty of headlines with the IMF and the Federal Reserve predicting a soft landing. No one seemed to worry about rising imbalances. The main reason is that market participants and economists like to believe that the central bank will


U.S. Offshore Wind Plans Are Utterly Collapsing

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wikimedia Commons This story originally was published by Real Clear Wire By David T. Stevenson Real Clear Wire Offshore wind developer Ørsted has delayed its New Jersey Ocean Wind 1 project to 2026. Previously, the company had announced construction of the project would begin in October 2023. The delay was attributed to supply chain issues, higher


What Is Wrong With Canada?

A few months ago I wrote a piece on the Nazi heritage of  Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Chrystia insists there are no Nazis or Nazi sympathizers in her family tree. This is simply not true (you can read my piece here). Well, it looks like the love of the Third Reich is


Why Are Vaccine Injured Patients Silenced?

One of the cruelest things about being injured by a pharmaceutical is the degree to which doctors will deny the idea that the injury happened (as acknowledging it requires them to accept the shortcomings of the medical model they’ve invested their lives into). This denial is known as medical gaslighting and it is often so powerful that