Are We in a Silent Economic Depression?

(WND)—Lately, the mainstream media have been delicately tiptoeing around the possibility that America “might” be in a recession. In the height of irony, evidently the mainstream media aren’t paying attention to headlines: How the ‘urban doom loop’ could pose the next economic threat There’s a huge warning sign that the housing market could be headed


What’s Behind the UAW Strike

In one of the most striking repudiations yet of the Biden administration’s irrational business, economic, and energy policies, the United Auto Workers has announced a major walkout, targeting for the first time ever all three of the “Big 3” American automakers at the same time. … The post What’s Behind the UAW Strike appeared first


Military Industrial Complex Unraveled & Exposed

CVC Capital Partners is a private equity investment advisory firm in Luxembourg holding over $155 billion in assets.   CVC was a spinoff of Citicorp in 1990 and is considered the largest private equity firm in Europe.   In 2019, CVC Capital bought a majority stake in Teneo. Teneo is a ‘global advisory firm’ with extensive ties


20 Great Depression Era Foods We Will Need Soon

Editor’s Commentary: We often pass on videos and articles by Epic Economist for various reasons. Sometimes, they’re spot on with their analysis. Other times they’re a bit too “click-baity” with not enough useful information to justify publishing their often-outrageous headlines. I came very close to passing on today’s video/article because it delves into fearmongering. While


UN Issues a New Pandemic Policy Declaration

On September 20th, our representatives meeting at the United Nations (UN) will sign off on a “Political Declaration of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response.” According to the UN, any States not responding will be considered in agreement with this text. It’s a new policy for managing populations