Australia 8-7-2023

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Currency Wars Versus Gold Standards

Currency Wars Versus Gold Standards Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, Russia and the Saudis are driving up oil and diesel prices. But these moves are likely to undermine the rouble more than they undermine the dollar, euro, and other major currencies. Therefore, higher energy prices will rebound on the Russians this winter: if they


The Paper Ballot is the Vote of Record

Photo: Getty Images Guest post by Thomas Kasperek The Paper Ballot The lifeblood of our American Republic is free and fair elections and we are hemorrhaging profusely due to illegal elections by far-left Fascists.  We can stop the bleeding of our rights and freedoms by restoring legal integrity into state and federal elections.  The validity of


Heckler’s Veto Hits 1st Amendment Rights AGAIN!

Credit: (Unsplash) This article originally appeared on Guest by post by Bob Unruh  College officials allowed protesters to silence others’ messaging The Foundation for Individual Rights and Express confirms it has written to Washington College after officials there allowed an incident to develop in which threatening protesters were able to shut down a speech by