A Nation Adrift

by David Reavill   The country sits adrift with policies that no longer make sense. Those three areas of concern include monetary policy. Although technically set by the Federal Reserve, it is increasingly apparent that the Treasury and the Fed are on entirely different tracks. Biden continues to pump up federal spending, which increases inflation,


China’s 300% Debt And Dilemmas

China’s 300% Debt And Dilemmas By Teeuwe Mevissen, Senior Macro Strategist at Rabobank Summary China’s combined debt (Government, corporate and household) is more than 300% of GDP China’s local government debt has been rising sharply for years and is seen as a key risk among investors in Asia. With declining income from land sales and

20-robo-taxis-cause traffic-mayhem-in-austin

20 Robo-Taxis Cause Traffic Mayhem In Austin

20 Robo-Taxis Cause Traffic Mayhem In Austin Welcome to the future of artificial intelligence. On Sept. 17, at least 20 self-driving Cruise robo-taxis caused traffic mayhem on a street in downtown Austin, Texas.  It is currently unknown what caused the gridlock, but Yahoo News quoted a Cruise spokesperson who said the robo-taxis “had trouble navigating due to heavy


An Insurrection At The Capitol? (Ep. 2086)

For show notes, visit https://bongino.com/ep-2086-an-insurrection-at-the-capitolCheck out our Clips channel for video highlights https://rumble.com/BonginoClipsSign up to receive Dan’s daily newsletter at https://bongino.com/newsletter/ Summary:In this episode, I address the insurrection at the Capitol yesterday, and the FBI doing nothing about it. The Bongino Report brings you the top conservative and libertarian news stories of the day, aggregated


Trudeau And Zelensky Get Taunted In Canada

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 Globalist Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and comedian-turned-tyrant Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, received a hostile reception from the gathered masses as Zelensky hit up Canada on his North American begging tour. The protest against Zelensky and Trudeau outside Toronto’s Royal York Hotel underscores the extent to which


National Cathedral Installs ‘Racial Justice’ Themed Stained-Glass Windows

The National Cathedral has installed two “racial justice” themed stained-glass windows to replace ones that honored Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. The new windows, created by artist Kerry James Marshall, feature protesters holding signs that read “Fairness” and “No Foul Play.” Titled “Now and Forever,” the windows were unveiled on Saturday.