Authorities use water cannons on eco-activists, detain nearly 2,400

Authorities in the Netherlands used water cannons to clear thousands of climate protesters blocking a highway in a Saturday act of protest, Reuters reported. Eco-activists affiliated with Extinction Rebellion’s Netherlands arm, Greenpeace and other organizations took over a highway near The Hague to protest the Dutch government’s subsidies for the oil and gas industries, according


The Art Of The Lose-Lose Deal

The Art Of The Lose-Lose Deal Authored by MN Gordon via Economic Prism, Has there ever been a worse time to be a lowly American wage earner? First, Washington spewed out $6 trillion in printing press money.  This pushed consumer price inflation to a 40 year high.  At the same time, it diluted wages from


The Hunter Biden Disaster Has Finally Exploded

President Joe Biden has not been a strong supporter of gun control, and at times has even made some farfetched statements – including a claim that when the Second Amendment was drafted individuals couldn’t own cannons. Likewise, Biden erroneously stated that the gun makers can’t be sued. He stated, “The only industry in America –