Vegas Teen Jesus Ayala… White?

In modern America where racial tensions are at a boiling point, this “mistake” by the Las Vegas police is inexcusable. Jesus Ayala is a Latino teen who drove into and kiIIed retired cop Andreas Probst He was booked into the system as white — End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) September 22, 2023 Jesus Ayala, the teen


He’s Bully Proof LMAO!

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“The Hill” Misstates Trumps’ Statement on UAW Strike

In the early morning, Donald Trump made the following statement on Truth Social showing solidarity with the UAW workers: This comes on news that Trump is going to Michigan, with Biden following behind, despite ongoing union violence. The media is busy mischaracterizing Trump’s statement, however, even  though basic reading comprehension shows that Trump was making


American Pandemic ‘Samizdat’

This story originally was published by Real Clear Wire By Jay Bhattacharya Real Clear Wire On May 15, 1970, the New York Times published an article by esteemed Russia scholar Albert Parry detailing how Soviet dissident intellectuals were covertly passing forbidden ideas around to each other on handcrafted, typewritten documents called samizdat. Here is the