The Human Cost Of Mounting Ukrainian Casualties

BBC correspondent, Quentin Sommerville, provides a heart rending and devastating report on the scope and scale of Ukraine’s war casualties. The Western media has tried to ignore this video and, after you watch it, you’ll understand why. Report by Quentin Sommerville This video was posted last Tuesday (29 August), which means the video and script


The Global War On Thought Crime

The Global War On Thought Crime Authored by David James via The Brownstone Institute, Laws to ban disinformation and misinformation are being introduced across the West, with the partial exception being the US, which has the First Amendment so the techniques to censor have had to be more clandestine. In Europe, the UK, and Australia,


Kamala Harris SIDELINED – she requested it personally!

Vice President Kamala Harris has evidently asked to be kept out of the spotlight on special assignments because she doesn’t want the public scrutiny or the heated criticism. A new tell-all book titled, “The Last Politician: Inside Joe Biden’s White House and the Struggle for America’s Future,” written by journalist Franklin Foer, claims that she