Disease-X Is a High-Return Business Strategy

Fearistan, having done very well economically and provided its citizens a long lifespan, noticed that people were still occasionally dying in road accidents. Fearistanis were wealthy and really liked the freedom to travel. While road deaths were uncommon, any unnecessary death surely seemed worth avoiding. The road-building industry, working closely with government, came up with


Propaganda Dies In the Light

Washington Post reporter Philip Bump embarrasses himself defending Joe Biden’s corruption after simply being asked why Hunter said that he gave half of his salary to his father. “I have no idea what that means… I feel like you want me to walk out.”pic.twitter.com/bQ1ksOuI44 — KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) September 2, 2023 Philip Bump – “Propaganda Dies


Marc Morano Explains How The Great Reset Wins

The Great Reset explained by Marc Morano   Marc Morano spoke with Allie Beth Stuckley on Blaze TV. The entire video, linked below, is well worth watching. This particular segment deserves special attention. Klaus Schwab: “It’s a deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world, and since it takes some time, that’s alright…” Marc Morano:


Bill Richardson dead at 75

Former New Mexico Gov. and U.S. United Nations Ambassador Bill Richardson passed away Saturday at the age of 75, according to multiple reports. Richardson had recently been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his involvement in bringing Women’s National Basketball League player, Brittney Griner, back to the U.S. after she was detained in Russia,


Contra Abundance

If there is anything at the core that separates the economically illiterate from the literate, it is the basic perception of the world as it is. The former tends to think of it in terms of abundance, that we already have what we need (and want) but that it is only unevenly distributed. Certainly, resources


How Bad Is It For Ukraine?

Let me explain why I have spent so much effort on highlighting the commentary and analysis of retired U.S. Generals and some of their foreign counterparts, like Mick Ryan — they are engaged in a massive propaganda campaign designed to mislead the Western public about the true state of the war in Ukraine. They insist