Academic Lies about Free-Market Economists

The academic history profession has a problem with intellectual integrity. Over the past decade, a cottage industry has emerged in elite university departments that explicitly aims to tear down free-market economists (often misnamed as “neoliberals”) by accusing them of racism, fascism, and similarly discredited beliefs. Although these are serious charges, the historians who make them


SCARY: Israel Unveils New AI-Powered Barak Tank

The Israel Defense Force has officially unveiled its new multimillion-dollar ‘Barak’ super tank that is powered by artificial intelligence. In a press release, Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant stated “The Barak tank is very innovative, it takes our maneuvering capabilities to another level, and it is a clear expression of our technological capabilities.” The


Here’s Where Grassroots Crypto Adoption Is Highest

Here’s Where Grassroots Crypto Adoption Is Highest Of 154 countries analyzed by blockchain data platform Chainalysis, India ranks the highest in grassroots crypto adoption by far. While countries with higher purchasing power would naturally score better when looking at transaction volumes, according to Chainalysis experts, the index measures where “average, everyday people are embracing crypto the