The American Dream Is Officially Dead

Indeed, the American dream, as once understood, no longer seems to exist – which is an especially bitter pill for the millennials and Gen Z Americans who grew up watching their parent’s generation make a living for themselves proportionate to their work ethic and talent level. The post The American Dream Is Officially Dead appeared


Why the Synod on Synodality Is Doomed

A very shrewd observer once remarked that all political power is mechanical. He meant that all political success is the result of human effort, usually strenuous effort, and not something one could count on to occur naturally, like the tides. Political power is only gained or wielded through human effort. What he did not mention


Did Joe Biden Disqualify Himself Already?

(Natural News)—It is now an undeniable fact that fake president Joe Biden is completely disqualified from not only his White House occupation but all government offices in the United States. He and his family’s involvement in the infamous $1 billion U.S. government bribery scheme with Ukraine while he was vice president under Barack Hussein Obama is a felony crime that


Exposed: China’s Collectivist Threat to the U.S.

WEF Founder Klaus Schwab said that China is a “role model for many countries.” But the Chinese model is one of tyranny, collectivism, and totalitarianism that must be rejected. Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel CEO and author of the book “Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind The Scenes ,” joins Frank Gaffney and the Sovereignty Coalition