How Big Is The US Housing Bubble?

How Big Is The US Housing Bubble? Authored by Mike Shedlock via, Some deny there is a housing bubble. I believe the bubble is obvious… Case-Shiller home price index and Real Disposable Income via St. Louis Fed, chart by Mish. Chart Notes Case-Shiller is a measure of repeat sales of the same house. This


More Layoffs Hit Fake News Washington Post

The Washington Post “WaPo” has been losing money for some time because it has failed to boost its subscribers. In the latest of their struggle, the Post has laid off tech staff from Arc XP, which is the tech part of the company. Semafor Reported: The Washington Post has quietly laid off staff from Arc


A conservative primary guide

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Like many Americans Wednesday night, I viewed the GOP debate, which showcased the attributes of the many candidates. Ron DeSantis was notable for his soldiery determination. Nikki Haley was remarkable for her gravitas and mastery of foreign affairs. Vivek Ramaswamy was singular for the


The Biggest Winners of GOP Debate Night

We learned several things from the GOP debate last Wednesday night. Former President Donald J. Trump was the biggest winner — by a mile. First, he won by not showing up and having to lower himself to fight the entire gang of also-rans who want his old job. Second, by not participating, Trump won by


Covid Reemerges: Why You Shouldn’t Panic

According to news reports, new COVID-19 variants are on the rise and are being closely monitored for pandemic spread. In the U.S., EG.5, nicknamed Eris, has been declared a “variant of interest” (VOI), which means it is being monitored for mutations that might make it more hazardous.1 Australian news are highlighting the BA.2.86 variant, nicknamed