Legal Concerns Halt NIH $154 Million “False Information” Program

Legal Concerns Halt NIH $154 Million “False Information” Program Authored by Benjamin Rothove via, Federal court case takes aim at Biden-Big Tech partnership… The National Institutes of Health halted a $154 million research program intended to study “equitable health communication” and combat alleged medical misinformation. The “pause” came “in the context of the current


Foreign-Selling Accelerated Into China’s Latest Stimulus-Driven Stock Spike

Foreign-Selling Accelerated Into China’s Latest Stimulus-Driven Stock Spike Forgive us if you’ve heard this one before… but China tried (and failed again) to re-ignte animal spirits in its equity market overnight. Having strong-armed funds into ‘not selling’ stock last week, then strongly-suggesting that companies escalate their share buyback programs (and then bullying banks into buying


Judge sets Trump trial date

The federal judge overseeing the case on former President Donald Trump’s alleged interference in the 2020 election scheduled his trial for March 4, 2024. Trump’s legal team pushed for an April 2026 start date, opposing Special Counsel Jack Smith’s effort to start the trial on January 2, 2024 — just before the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus


War Party Calls Ramaswamy Pro-Putin

It may be an old playbook, but as every good football coach knows, as long as the play is working, you keep using it. In this case, the “playbook” of what some call the War Party is to dismiss anyone who dares to question America’s intervention in the Russia-Ukraine War as “siding with Putin.” This


‘Information Designed To Show …’

Yesterday CNN published another Russiagate like nonsense story: Newly declassified US intel claims Russia is laundering propaganda through unwitting Westerners Russian intelligence is operating a systematic program to launder pro-Kremlin propaganda through private relationships between Russian operatives and unwitting US and western targets, according to newly declassified US intelligence. Caitlin Johnstone takes it apart: Another Day, Another