How To Spot Bulls*t Arguments

In last week’s post, How to sharpen your bullsh*t detection skills, I covered the nine tools that the legendary American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author and science communicator, Carl Sagan, considered essential to any thinking person’s ‘baloney detection kit’. When I published that post, it appeared that the official COVID narrative had collapsed under the weight


Hedging the End of Fiat

It is slowly coming clear that the fiat dollar’s hegemony is drawing to a close. That’s what the BRICS summit in Johannesburg is all about — rats, if you like, deserting the dollar’s ship. With the dollar’s backing being no more than a precarious faith in it, it is bound to be sold down by


Ten Signs China Is Preparing for War

War requires deception, and nation states often project misleading signals in order to keep their adversaries off-balance.  That said, the growing number of indicators suggesting that China is preparing for imminent conflict should not be ignored.  China is working rapidly both to decrease its dependence on the rest of the world and to increase the rest of the world’s dependence


Amazing Moments Happen Every Day

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Whipped Inflation Now

With inflation now much lower than it was a year ago, many pundits are considering where the Federal Reserve should go from here. Nick Timiraos surveys three options in the Wall Street Journal: Option 1: Fed officials can raise rates higher to bring inflation down to 2 percent quickly. Option 2: Fed officials can hold


My Big Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme

I like to say “I’m not a bitcoin maxi—I’m a bitcoin mostly.”  That’s because cryptocurrencies are part of an evolving ecosystem. The individual technologies evolve, and the entire ecosystem changes, with new properties coming online daily.  So, even though bitcoin maximalists make really important points, they sometimes assume other technologies, even bitcoin, will remain static