Did Joe Biden Disqualify Himself Already?

(Natural News)—It is now an undeniable fact that fake president Joe Biden is completely disqualified from not only his White House occupation but all government offices in the United States. He and his family’s involvement in the infamous $1 billion U.S. government bribery scheme with Ukraine while he was vice president under Barack Hussein Obama is a felony crime that


9/22/2023 Prather Point: Jeffrey Prather

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Goldman Sachs Millionaire Bankrolling Virginia’s Democrats

This story originally was published by Real Clear Wire By Hayden Ludwig Real Clear Wire Call him Virginia’s George Soros or “Daddy Greenbucks,” the well-heeled financier funding dozens of Democrats ahead of the Commonwealth’s critical 2023 election, which will determine control of the General Assembly – and the future of Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s legislative agenda.