Does an Old H.A.K. Require Rehabilitation?

Henry Alfred Kissinger turned 100 on May 27th of this year. Once a teenage refugee from Nazi Germany, for many decades an adviser to presidents, and an avatar of American realpolitik, he’s managed to reach the century mark while still evidently retaining all his marbles. That those marbles remain hard and cold is no surprise. A


Sabotage Killed Prigozhin — Who Did It?

Take a close look at this image. You can see that the landing gear on the Embraer that is on the wings. Preliminary evidence points to some sort of explosive device being planted in one or both wheel wells. under the wings, which explains why the aircraft, as it plummeted towards earth, was intact but


2 German Childcare Centers Have Child Sex Play Rooms

Two German childcare centers in Nordrhein-Westfalen issue child sexuality manifestos, waxing poetic about the benefits of masturbation and outlining rules for child sexual play, EUGYPPIUS writes on his substack. EUGYPPIUS is a very reliable reporter. He investigated reports of “sexual exploration rooms” in German childcare centers, where young children are encouraged to masturbate and touch


A Macroeconomic Agenda for Freedom Conservatives

Last month, a group of center-right policy experts and commentators released a statement of principles affirming the traditional values of American conservatives. Calling themselves “Freedom Conservatives,” they reaffirmed “the distinctive creed that made America great: that individual liberty is essential to the moral and physical strength of the nation.” Both the progressive left and nationalist