A Real or Manufactured Problem?

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How Unions Have Betrayed America

How Unions Have Betrayed America Authored by Edward Ring via American Greatness, Government unions control and corrupt public services; private sector unions betray the worker… Anyone suggesting there is no role for unions in America today might first consider a fact of history: more than a century ago, when oligarchs and the companies they owned


Inflation: Expected and Unexpected

I’ve just completed my periodic update of business price expectations, including selling prices (the wavy solid line in the following chart) and buying prices (dashed line). I’ve juxtaposed these against actual inflation (the jagged solid line). You will notice a big spurt of actual inflation, capping off at 8 percent. In contrast, the movement of


Far-Left Bar Associations Purging Conservative Lawyers: Diane Gruber

The far-left Oregon Bar Association and others in liberal states have been persecuting conservative-leaning and Republican-friendly attorneys, with disastrous consequences for the legal profession and justice, explains retired Oregon attorney Diane Gruber in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. California, Washington, and other states are seeing similar issues.


California Introduces Digital ID, Starting With Driver’s Licenses

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. In a concerning move for privacy advocates, California has broadened its digital driver’s license/ID initiative, prompting citizens to place sensitive ID details onto their smartphones. Dubbed “mDL” by the California DMV, this mobile driver’s license can be used in


Is Leftism Compatible with God’s Will?

Why do people who are faithful Judeo-Christian religious followers support acts of evil? Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden claim to be devout Catholics while advancing an agenda which is counter to the religious doctrine of their church. They claim they’re compartmentalizing their religion from their politics. But nowhere in the Bible are we given license