Ramaswamy shifts message on Trump skipping debate

The eve of the first debate appeared to temper one candidate’s criticism of former President Donald Trump’s no-show promise: “…not the same Donald Trump as in 2016.” Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy’s effort to build up support as an outsider in the field of current and former GOP government officials seeking the presidential nomination has involved carefully


Why Russia Is Decimating The Ukraine Counter Offensive

When the history of Russia’s proxy war against NATO — i.e., the Special Military Operation in Ukraine — it will mark the point in history where conventional military operations predicated on doctrine established in World War II will be vanquished. ISR — i.e., Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance — is the true game changer and Russia,


IGP10 391 – Adolph Hitler did NOT kill himself

Bombshell documentary proves with multiple testimonies that Hitler escaped to Argentina, and did NOT committ suicide in a Berlin Bunker. The MSM has been lying ever since. Source video:https://youtu.be/BC83AfIHEas ❌❌❌❌ SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ❌❌❌❌ Mike Lindell of My Pillow:Get your pillows, sheets, towels, and much more:Call: (800) 625-6577http://www.MyPillow.comUse promo code: N4T Shop our T-Shirts &