Crowdfund the Coliseum

In the unseemly world of political economy, few studies capture the disappointing state of modern urban planning like a couple of recent papers. One is by Adam M. Zaretsky of the St. Louis Fed. Another is by economists Lauren Heller and Frank Stephenson. Their conclusions, supported by substantial evidence, are clear: Constructing arenas or hosting


The Flowering of Mediocrity

When someone is said to be lacking in ambition, it is usually meant as a criticism, as if people had a transcendent moral duty to be ambitious. How else but by ambition will mankind advance? I grant that ambition is sometimes, or often, necessary, but it is a virtue, like bravery, that is not self-standing.


Nikki Haley Is Hillary 2.0

Of all the terrible things about Nikki Haley — her enthusiasm for more foreign war funding , her deference to corporate cultural assault — the cringe-worthy attempts to hype her status as a woman (A mom! A wife!) and Indian (“I’m a minority first!,” “I’m as diverse as it gets!”) are the least offensive. But


The Great China-American Abyss

Imagine if the United States treated China in the same way it does us? What if American companies simply ignored Chinese copyrights and patents, and stole Chinese ideas, inventions, and intellectual property, as they pleased and with impunity? What if the American government targeted Chinese industries by dumping competing American export products at below the