March 23, 2024

E24S2: “Haiti’s Hell Is Heading Here”

JJ Carrell and Brian O’Shea talk about the surge of Haitian immigrants currently about to storm the shores of Florida prior to invading your neighborhoods (especially if you live in Massachusetts). Carrell shares extensive first-hand knowledge of dealing with these gangs and O’Shea explains his knowledge from several operations in which he participated in Haiti.…

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E23S2: “Dexter Taylor of Brooklyn” (AKA Carbon Mike)

Special Guest Dexter Taylor (AKA “Carbon Mike”) joins Host Brian O’Shea for a 2-hour, riveting conversation about his current battle for freedom against New York State’s unconstitutional charges against him, his thoughts on conservatism, parenting, how to reach our youth to get them more engaged, and why life is better for the curious. This conversation…

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