May 23, 2024

EP46S2: “The Chaos in Our Country is Serving China’s Larger Plan” w/JJ Carrell and Brian O’Shea

The Chinese Communist Party and its “Useful Idiots”— aligned assets and informal allies — are waging a multi-pronged, unrelenting, unrestricted war against the West. These entities are attacking us in our universities, in our health policies, in our communities, and in every facet of our lives. They are using Marxist “cat’s paws” to stir up…

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“The Onion Scandal”

Can the lowly onion heal ear infections, ease tinnitus, and even ward off the chance of a cold turning into bronchitis, or worse? Categorically yes. For centuries, onion poultices – a steamed, mashed onion complete with its healthful skin – smashed into a pulp and folded, warm, into a towel or cloth, has been used…

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