June 4, 2024

Ouchie Fauci comes a cropper

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., might have thought he left his disastrous COVID-19 policies behind when he retired in 2022. That was not to be. When Republicans “flipped” the House (Midterms 2022), the new Republican majority established the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Yesterday Dr. Fauci sat before that Subcommittee to give an account…

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Past Informs the Present

The work of the eighteenth-century English economist Thomas Malthus has been famously used to defend the indefensible. Malthus’s warning of the dangers of overpopulation, labor redundancy, and environmental degradation in urban-industrial societies have served as the basis for programs ever since that are aimed at curtailing political liberty. Malthus, dark voice from the past Today,…

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Liberal Guest on Piers Morgan Show Becomes Visibly Confused When Asked What Crimes Trump Committed – WATCH

Michael Knowles and progressive political activist Francesca Fiorentini were challenged on The Piers Morgan show to detail Donald Trump‘s crimes in his hush-money case. In a video clip posted by the Daily Wire, Knowles, an author and regular contributor, challenged Fiorentini to cite the law the former president broke. However, the activist raised her voice…

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“Dr Kirk Elliott Warns: Financial Leaders Fleeing”

Dr Kirk Elliott, an economist specializing in precious metals, updates us with a picture of a US economy that cannot be sustained. The chief officers of HSBC and Chase, as well as of the FDIC which ensures bank deposits, are all stepping aside abruptly. Meanwhile, BRICS nations, representing 70 percent of the world and now…

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Ebrahim Raisi’s Death: A Strategic Blow to Iran’s Regime

Will This Trigger a New Wave of Revolution? Ebrahim Raisi’s Crimes Against Humanity and the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s Revelations Overview of Ebrahim Raisi’s Crimes Ebrahim Raisi, now deceased, was the President of Iran with a history marked by severe human rights abuses. His role in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners is…

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