June 7, 2024

Twitter Files: Is it Okay to Lie About Trump Supporters?

Every one of these stories is wrong. Is that okay? In Atlanta Monday, I testified before Georgia state Representative Mesha Mainor, in a free speech hearing centered around the censorship of members of the “#WalkAway” campaign, whose 500,000-plus accounts were deleted by Facebook on January 8th, 2021. WalkAway is led by a former New York…

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The Truth About Lithium

A fact sheet about Lithium and where we mine it. Tesla is the dominant EV manufacturer in the world by far according to Thomasnet., so to calculate EV requirements for Lithium, we will use Tesla as an example manufacturer for our review. The 5 Biggest Global Electric Vehicle Companies, Thomasnet.com The Top 10 Lithium Mines…

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Meta censors Milloy hurricane season video

The Energy and Environmental Legal Institute tried to post my recent hurricane season video on Facebook and was censored. The video is entirely based on a direct quote from NOAA about hurricane activity not being outside the range of natural variation. Below is the censorship, NOAA statement and video.

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Columbia crackdown led by university prof doubling as NYPD spook

Rebecca Weiner is a Columbia U. professor who also serves as intelligence director of the NYPD. Mayor Eric Adams credits her with spying on anti-genocide student protesters and directing the militarized raid that dislodged them from campus. The violent crackdown carried out on Columbia University students protesting Israel’s genocidal assault on the Gaza Strip was…

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