The Dollar’s Global Wake Of Destruction

The Dollar’s Global Wake Of Destruction Authored by Joseph Solis-Mullen via The Mises Institute, While whispers of the current emerging market debt crisis, the result of the rapidly strengthening dollar, could be heard throughout the summer, virtually no one predicted the blow the dollar’s rise would deal to some other developed economies. But with the dollar…


Can Granny Flats Make California Affordable?

In the United States, zoning laws are overwhelmingly local concerns, though heavily influenced by federal pressures like lending and highway construction. So it’s somewhat novel that the California legislature has passed a series of seven (and counting) statewide bills explicitly to allow the construction of auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs), dismantling a brick wall of state…


PayPal and the Purpose of a Corporation

Imagine if officials at your local bank announced that they would start surveilling your public speech and messages, and would deduct money from your account if they didn’t like what you said. PayPal, the online payment services provider, unleashed a furor last week after announcing just such a scheme.  In published amendments to its Acceptable…


Antidepressants Rarely Outperform Sugar Pills

Other Helpful Treatment Strategies Additional strategies that can help improve your mental health include the following:43 Minimize electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure — In 2016, Martin Pall, Ph.D., published a review44 in the Journal of Neuroanatomy showing how microwave radiation from cellphones, Wi-Fi routers and computers and tablets not in airplane mode is clearly associated with many neuropsychiatric…


Social credit scores are coming

Social credit scores are coming Social credit scores are coming. They are saying it out — Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) October 20, 2022 The post Social credit scores are coming appeared first on Liberty Tree.