Ron Paul on the FBI

Ron Paul on the FBI The FBI has been corrupt from the jump.#FBI #Watch — Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) October 20, 2022 The post Ron Paul on the FBI appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Oakland Police Want ‘Terminator Style’ Robot With Shotgun

Oakland Police Want ‘Terminator Style’ Robot With Shotgun The Oakland Police Department is pushing for robots with a potentially lethal shotgun-like attachment, according to The Intercept.  Oakland Police and Oakland Police Commission subcommittee, a civilian oversight body, discussed rules surrounding the city’s use of military-grade police equipment in September. According to California state law, local police…


Crowd Goes Wild for Gov. De Santis

The crowd went wild at a Lynerd Skynerd concert as Gov. Ron DeSantis and his wife came in. They chanted, “USA! USA!” He is doing an amazing job of rebuilding in Florida after Hurricane Ian. He was so well prepared. Home and business owners can now enter islands completely devastated and without bridges. Breitbart Report…


MSNBC’s Anti-white, Race-hate TV

By Selwyn Duke “The white race is the cancer of human history,” wrote feminist Susan Sontag. That was back in 1967, and Sontag herself died nigh on 20 years ago. Yet her sentiment not only lives on, but, in fact, now has its own dedicated TV station: MSNBC. So said Fox News host Tucker Carlson…