A Government Agent At Every Door

The IRS demonstrates how its new 87k army, led by Lois Lerner’s top deputy, will persecute Americans who criticize Democrats/the FBI. Nashville is just the latest shooting by left-wing terrorists. (Please follow my Rumble channel and help me meet my 3k goal!) The post A Government Agent At Every Door appeared first on VideoLA.


How Does a Region Rust Away?

In Cleveland, OH, during his bid for the presidency, Walter Mondale blamed his opponent’s policies for turning the region into a “rust bowl.” Journalists latched on, and America’s Northeast became infamous as a region in terminal decline, earning the moniker America’s Rust Belt. Once-thriving cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Detroit became examples of smoking husks


Trans Activists Burn Harry Potter Books (VIDEO)

A transgender activist recently made a video of a Harry Potter book being burned. Author JK Rowling is regularly targeted by trans activists because she believes in things like biology. The left is fond of making Hitler comparisons. Will any of them point out the obvious comparison here? The Daily Mail reported: Now trans activists


UPDATE: Nashville School Shooting Victims Identified

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Earlier today, a tragic school shooting took place at The Covenant School, a Christian elementary school in Nashville, claiming the lives of three young students and three teachers. At about 10:13 am, a shooter entered the elementary school from a side entrance while carrying two assault-style rifles and a pistol.