Rumble Begins Testing Limited Inventory of Video Ads

If you’re tired of censorship, cancel culture, and the erosion of civil liberties subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Rumble is on the path to allowing creators to monetize content and to allow more businesses to advertise on the platform – allowing it to become even more competitive to Big Tech. This week, Rumble announced beta…


Vote for liberty. Vote for Mike Lee

Vote for liberty. Vote for Mike Lee Evan McMullin’s candidacy is the greatest symbol of how much Democrats and Bush neoconservatives are now in sync. — Jack Hunter (@jackhunter74) October 14, 2022 The post Vote for liberty. Vote for Mike Lee appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Lords of Freedom 2

Lords of Freedom is an exciting new novel including adventure, realistic action, surprising insights, and a touch of romance. Enjoy a new chapter every week. Lords of Freedom—Chapter 2—Sun Stream Juel used his short knife to skin the snakes, rolled up the skins, and put them in his pack planning to cure them later. After…


This Year’s Harvest, Inflation

This Year’s Harvest, Inflation by David Reavill  Farmers are unique. They work hard all year round. But only get paid at harvest. Many financing programs help the farmer offset the expenses of planting, fertilizer, and upkeep. But the reality is that farmers never know their yearly income until they bring in the crops. Here in…


US-Saudi Relationship ‘Likely Unrecoverable’: Expert

US-Saudi Relationship ‘Likely Unrecoverable’: Expert The head of the American Enterprise Institute says US-Saudi relations are “likely unrecoverable,” after the White House ‘personalized’ last week’s OPEC+ decision to cut production, according to an expert cited by Bloomberg. “They’ve once again personalized the problem, which will lead to another humiliating climbdown when they need something from…


Macleod: The Great Global Unwind Begins

Macleod: The Great Global Unwind Begins Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, There is a growing feeling in markets that a financial crisis of some sort is now on the cards. Credit Suisse’s very public struggles to refinance itself is proving to be a wake-up call for markets, alerting investors to the parlous state of…