On the Cusp

lowresHERfall2022-2Download Harwood Economic Review Table of Contents FOMC Projects Even Higher Inflation William J. Luther and Morgan Timmann  Bad Explanations for Inflation Alexander William Salter Inflation and Time Joshua R. Hendrickson Monetarism Remains a Useful Guide on Inflation Peter N. Ireland Why Will Inflation Remain So High for So Long? William J. Luther


King Dollar’s Uncertain Throne

Behold, the dollar ascendant! Since June 2021, the greenback has been on a tear, recently reaching levels not seen since July 2002. In a year in which virtually every asset class has been hammered, US dollars (as measured by the DXY Index) are up over 16 percent as of October 1st. In fact, between September…


TGP Daily Recap 10/12/22 with Nick Moseder

Check out “The Daily Recap” podcast to get a brief “catch up” of the previous days biggest stories!  Nick Moseder will be filling in until Thursday We will be covering some of the biggest stories on The Gateway Pundit each and every weekday, as well as a twice-weekly podcast on Wednesdays and Friday nights at…