A Matter Of Trust

A Matter Of Trust By Benjamin Picton, Senior Strategist at Rabobank “I’ve lived long enough to have learned,The closer you get to the fire the more you get burned,But that won’t happen to us,‘Cause it’s always been a matter of trust” – Billy Joel So we made it through a Friday evening without a bank


Systemic Risk In European Banks?

Systemic Risk In European Banks? Authored by Daniel Lacalle, Negative interest rates and quantitative easing have wrecked the economic system. Negative interest rates destroy the profitable portion of a bank’s asset base, and no amount of cost-cutting or efficiency initiatives can compensate for this loss. Furthermore, persistent quantitative easing has transformed the investment side of the


Could THIS lawsuit SINK Fox News?

Fox News is battling against defamation claims in court from Dominion Voting Systems, which claims that certain network hosts should not have shared allegedly incorrect allegations made by President Donald Trump. Former Attorney General William Barr recently wrote in an op-ed that the case against Fox is ‘weak,’ but could the lawsuit still be enough


Understanding The International Rules Based Disorder

Have you heard of the “International Rules Based Order?” Russia, according to Washington and NATO, is violating those rules (China too) and must be punished. We can’t have “rule breakers” mucking up global tranquility can we? Since 1945, the United States has pursued its global interests by building and maintaining various alliances, economic institutions, security