Russia Sends Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Belarus

The UK sending depleted uranium shells* to Ukraine gave Russian President Putin an excuse to use tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus on the border of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine. NATO also plans to send 300,000 troops, weapons tanks, planes, and ships to countries bordering Russia and Belarus. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has called for the US


Monetary Policy and that Old-Time Fiscal Religion

The ongoing debt-ceiling debate has brought concerns about the sustainability of US fiscal policy to the forefront of public discussion once again. While it may be tempting to blame current budgetary problems on the federal government’s pandemic spending spree, the problems are much more fundamental. They stem from the widespread belief that the federal government


Money and Inflation Are Still Related

“There is perhaps no empirical regularity among economic phenomena that is based on so much evidence, for so wide a range of circumstances,” Milton Friedman observed in 1989, “as the connection between substantial changes in the quantity of money and in the level of prices.” And yet, despite the wide body of work alluded to


The Disinformation-Industrial Complex Vs Domestic Terror

The Disinformation-Industrial Complex Vs Domestic Terror Authored by Ben Weingarten via, Combating disinformation has been elevated to a national security imperative under the Biden administration, as codified in its first-of-its-kind National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, published in June 2021.   That document calls for confronting long-term contributors to domestic terrorism. In connection therewith, it


FBI Attempts to Spy on Reporter Charles Downs

Last Updated on March 26, 2023 Between Thursday and Saturday, InvestigateJ6, Julie Kelly, and the New York Times confirmed reports that Jen Loh, National Director for LEXIT (Latino-Exit), is an FBI informant. Ms. Loh attempted to contact reporter Charles Downs multiple times over several months under false pretenses. This is Downs’ first-hand account of his