The Commercial Real Estate-Small Bank Nexus

The Commercial Real Estate-Small Bank Nexus By Philip Marey, Senior US Strategist at Rabobank Summary The increase in remote work since the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a structural downward shift in demand for office space, which poses a threat to the commercial real estate market.  Although large banks recently passed the Fed’s stress test


Energy Resources: Plundering Lithium While Exporting Oil & Gas

RESOURCES. Plundering resources is the amped up gamut parlayed by ‘intelligence operatives’ seeking means to take from others – and if they do not comply their government will be couped.   According CSIS, the newest plundering is focused on Chile, Argentina and Brazil. The resources: Lithium, gold, and copper.   The reasoning;   electric vehicle sales will become


Throw All the Bums Out

I don’t think the federal government will exist in its current form much longer.  The reason is simple: if Marxist globalists get their way, then sovereign U.S. powers will continue to be unlawfully delegated to the U.N., the WHO, and other international monstrosities until some Obama-type tyrant is ruling over us all from Turtle Bay or


SBA Contractors Profiteered During Pandemic

SBA Contractors Profiteered During Pandemic Authored by Adam Andrzejewski via RealClear Wire, In yet another instance of mismanagement of pandemic programs by the Small Business Administration, the SBA had over $5 million in questioned costs associated with contracts for loan support services, according to a recent Inspector General report.  The SBA contracted with a firm