We Don’t Need Regulation (or Statist Education)

Reprinted from the Future of Freedom Foundation Like the long line of school children who mindlessly marched into Pink Floyd’s meat grinder in The Wall, an estimated one million investors recently fell victim to Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto grinder. The fiasco’s silver lining is that it proves that Americans need neither statist schooling nor government regulation, two…


Random Musings; Random Sarcasm

Elon Musk conducted a Twitter poll to ask whether he should reinstate former President Donald Trump’s account. The poll received 15,085,458 votes — and Twitter issued its final results in just one day! Musk should stop wasting his genius on hobbies like Tesla and SpaceX and become the Maricopa County, Arizona, election supervisor. About that…


New York tries to ban ‘hateful’ speech online

New York tries to ban ‘hateful’ speech online BASEDPolitics’ Brad Polumbo writes, “A new law takes effect on Saturday in New York that supposedly targets hateful speech online. But it may not last long, because the state just got hit with a First Amendment lawsuit that could bring about the demise of its new regulation. The law in question…


Free speech is the hill to die on

Free speech is the hill to die on Without free speech in the United States of America, all is lost. This is the hill to die on. — Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) November 30, 2022 The post Free speech is the hill to die on appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Google Introduces Internet Behavior Modification (Not Satire)

Google Leftists have a new behavioral intervention project called “Info Interventions.” It’s based on behavioral science, which isn’t really a science. You can’t quantify behavior. According to Google, if these “ behavioral interventions” are used as directed, they could “teach” users to avoid being harmed online. They want to pre-bunk misinformation to immunize Internet users. Google…